Introduction to C:Change

Following on from my second album “Touch Wood”, my third album “C Change”contains some more of my of my own material. Tinted with sadness and joy I have endeavoured to encapsulate the mood associated with the appropriate compositions. The choice of the album title is inspired by the use of the C Mandola close along side the Octave Mandola. The former I recently purchased from my good friend Joe Foley. It’s a truly marvellous instrument when working with harmonies, the results of which are particularly striking on the songs, Captain Thompson and Three Brave Blacksmiths.

As with the making of “In Company” and “Touch Wood” I am very fortunate to have worked with talented musicians. Maurice Lennon viola on tracks one, three, four and six adds true character and his overall production advice was invaluable. Lisako’s fiddle throughout and her rendition of Hazy Moon (Japanese folk song) are certainly a highlight of the album. Eoin Morrissey’s guitar playing complements the work of the mandolas and his musical approach to the various tracks was magical. Johnny Curtis has featured on my previous work and once again his bodhrán on tracks three, four, six, and twelve gives real substances to the music. To add to the international participation, Cristina Cordero from Spain plays whistle and produces nice lines on tracks two and eleven and Hauke Steinberg playing flute on the polkas and the reel The Green Mountain expand the mood. Brian O’Shea plays banjo on the aforementioned reel and on Tribute To Joe Bergin and his fingers go to work on the bouzouki on CaptainThompson. Finally as with Johnny, Joe Foley to has accompanied me on my musical endeavours and not only is he one of the worlds finest Luthiers but his bouzouki renditions on tracks two, ten and twelve add depth to the music.

Thank you one and all.
Tom Walsh