An Anthem (The Soldiers Song)
Words & Music: Bob Bales

Since I was a young boy singing, “Where all the flowers gone?”, and as an even
younger boy wondering why people pinned popples to their lapels in memory of
dead soldiers rotting in the trenches of Verdun, the same question has been
tormenting my mind! Why? My “Anthem” seeks to provoke answers in a period
where the world is re-shuffling power at the cost of those least benefit.

Imagine every soldiers has a mother and a wife,
A child to tell a story to, who fills him full of pride.
Why in all the world would he go out to lose his life?
No man can ever make believe... the love he feels inside.

There’s not a bullet that can fly.
Will give you answers to the lies,
Told by those who give the orders,
Who’s to live and who’s to die!

From Bosnia to Belfast, Afghanistan, Zaire,
It’s mothers with their children who will stand and shed a tear.
While the heroes of a moment stand there spouting out their blood.
With their faces down you cannot see... their teardrops in the mud.
There’s not a...

I’m sick and tired of writing songs to compensate the pain,
Of watching all the warriors on the wrong road once again,
Wrath stirred up by racketeers who profit and who gain,
Turning wheels with false ideals... to wargames once again.
There’s not a...

Let every soldier who’s Buddhist by relief reincarnate,
A thousand times without a gun and liable to rape.
And every ‘Onward Christian Soldier’ send him down to hell,
He’ll meet his Muslim counterpart... he’s going down as well.
There’s not a...