At The Dawn of The Morning

Air: Tom Walsh Words:Trad. Music: Tom Walsh

At the dawn of the morning the ship shall be sailing
That takes me away from the land of my birth.
‘Tis hard for to leave it, the land I was born in.
The Garden of Eden, the fairest on Earth.

Farewell to the village, farewell to the green,
Where often that I danced with my beauty, Colleen.
My heart’s nearly breaking with sorrow, grief and pain.
Farewell to my home land I may ne’er see again!

It’s not my wish that I should part with dear old Ireland
And leave the sweet spot at the foot of the hill.
It’s nought but oppression the t tears me asunder.
The love of my country shall cling to me still.


The land of my father, his birthright for ages
Was torn from us now by the foreigners hand.
My people and me, we are nothing but strangers
As Irishmen are in a far distant land.


Farewell to the dance at the cross Colleens so beautious and bright.
Fare well to the stories we told to each other
Whislt ‘round the turf-fire on a cold winters-nigh.