The Night of the Ceili Ball

Words & Music: Bob Bales

Legs were flying, biddies were crying
The mots were on the loose.
When the ceili-girls lashed out their curls
They turned into a noose.
No maníll withstand,
the crack was grand
The place was one big mall.
From far and near weíll share a tear
On the night of the Ceili Ball.

Iíve never had so much fun
as danciní to them tunes.
The youngsters leapiní round the floor
like monkeys and baboons.
The older ones soon took their stand
and swung them legs up high.
Formations formed, the night was born
and now you all know why.

When the Ceili Night was at its height
and the sweat was pouring down
The set-dance took off for a polonaise
throughout the town.
No stoppingí them now for weíll have no row.
just let them dance and sing
Thatís what a ceiliís all about, to laugh
and let of stream.

Them stiff old legs were rattliní
to them jigs and reels all night.
Itíll be next morning first
when they will realize their plight.
For beer and whiskey
did its job them joints to lubricate.
In the morning they will want to talk,
but then itís JUST TOO LATE!