The Corner Cafe
Words & Music: Bob Bales

This song speaks for itself. A great musical night with Joe McHugh in a cafe
overlooking the Bodensee on the Swiss side. The landlord was a bit tight, but
the girls...

When the sound-check was over in the corner cafe
And the girls were all working, just like other days,
Your man in the kitchen was working away,
As we sat and watched over water.

The hour arrived, now the feeling was good,
Without any talking we well understood,
To play here a pleasure, to be here is good,
And accept all without any questions.

How well I remember that beautiful day,
Playing away in that corner cafe,
Stayed there all night ‘til the break of the day,
Then we sat and watched over the water.

The concert then started, songs, jigs and reels,
An air and a waltz and a joke did appeal.
The music just flowed and the people they still,
Listened intense and contented.

The pipes roared away and the chanter and drones,
Were heard ‘cross the water by those still at home,
With the wailing bouzouki and the beating of drum,
We must have been driving them crazy.

How well I remember...

The encores were reached and the concert did night,
There was no doubt about it the cafe was high,
On a note of contentment, just one little high,
That the music was over tonight.

Still the faces of people there listening I see,
Enlightened by happiness, pure as can be,
And it’s great that they gave this to you and to me
When we played in that corner cafe.

Ho well I remember...