"Folk World CD Reviews"

Another Dublin man, another Walsh, another Tom. This time Tom Walsh. Since 1972 Tom plays with Joe Foley again and again, bouzouki player and luthier from Dublinís Churchtown. In the 1980ís, Tom followed with An Beal Bocht in the footsteps of Planxty, and eventually in the 90s the name of the band was Rattliní Strings, featuring Barry Carroll on hammered dulcimer. Both men, Foley and Carroll are featured here again. Tom Walsh himself sings and backs up Irish dance music, traditional songs, and last but not least his own original compositions with the mandola. Some smart Lyrics and tune deserve some wider recognition, Iís say. Thereís the song about the peasant girl emigrating to New York to escape a match make to a much older man on board the Caledonia, and the piper travels board on the Titanic: My journey to the Land of dreams began the other day. A piper born in Dublin town Sweet music i would play. My thoughts and expectations Like a cran and roll in flight Of that new world that does await My music will excite. A humble child of poverty My music to entreat And now the rich and powerful Are standing at my feet. Fifteen hundred people Had perished by idle gain The pipes no longer played the tune But I played on just the same. With a pint in the one hand to wet the whistle for a song and listening to a powerful tune, youíre in fine company.